3 reasons why wisdom is scarce in the age of knowledge

Rajib Roy
5 min readSep 22, 2023
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Why do I put this image of the Hindu God, Ganesha?

You will know by the end of the read.

1. Common issues with people

The people who give enormous amounts of seriousness to the idea of “I” face problems regarding FOMO, self-centered behaviors, and anxiety.

You give them little compliments, they become too happy and too excited.

If you say something negative about them, they immediately take things personally.

Yes, this has been the case for me.

Something disturbs their peaceful state of mind, they become too anxious. Similarly, when something bad happens, they worry too much. Please don’t confuse yourself by events of tragedy with bad events.

Why so?

Let me explain!

There are people who just do not become too excited when they get compliments.

Similarly, they take things lightly when people pass on judgments and negativity.

Why this stability was scarce in me?

Taking pride in doing something little or banal is a common habit that people are expressing in this current age. I did it too. Generally, people like to be taken care of, loved, and respected. I used to get a lot of love and attention when I was in school. However, when I observed that people were not giving me the same reactions and responses or special care, I got upset.

People can relate to these types of behavior. They can transform abnormally and it is nothing bad at all. They unconsciously do certain things to imply their power. Internally these types of people are strong and they know their power.

They just don’t know how to express themselves correctly. Apart from being egotistic and aware of their strengths, they are also very energetic. Hence, sports are the ideal place for them. I feel that too.

But why people like me just cannot remain confident about their own selves?

Yes, It is hard to remain confident when people start to show disinterest in you. It has been a case for me. My father and grandfather used to guide me. My grandfather told me how he used to play with clay in his childhood, and how he used to catch fish from ponds. Every Diwali, we family members fire the crackers and enjoy our evenings.

I used to find solace in their talks and in their presence. Above all, I felt protected around them. Those feelings got lost when they bid me goodbyes. During that time, I broke up with my girlfriend as well. I failed my 2nd-year exam during my college years. I was 20 years old back then when all these happened. I had no hand around my shoulder except my mother. I did not know what I would do to support my family financially. I just thought that I had to pass the exam again to prove that I was worth it. See, if I go back to memory lane, I can tell you that there was a positive self-talk I was engrossed with. That helped me bounce back. That helped me pass my exam when I re-tried it.

These things disturb your mental peace a lot. So you may ask what makes you peaceful?

Yes, you guessed it right. Your God. He will make you calm which in turn makes you make good decisions in life. He helps you clear the garbage in your brain, and guide you to the path of enlightenment.

You will be able to differentiate what is necessary from what is unnecessary for you to do.

However, there was the second thing that I was distracted by and that is…..

Social media !!!

2. Social media is not your reality

Social media is the platform where a lot of consciousness is required. People who have fewer aspirations in life get lost in it easily. I got lost in it too brother! You will get lost as if you think it is reality. You show your good sides and get likes from others. Your ego gets boosted and you assume that some of your deeds get rewarded by others.

You see being a member of a philanthropic community and continuously contributing something towards it, requires commitment.

On the contrary, buying some food for street dogs and street people for one day and posting pictures to get views and likes is something different.

Still, one problem left…..

3. Problems with the intellectuals

See knowledge is in books, but over-reliance on them makes you aloof. So don't sit in a room all day and read books.

Intellectuals perceive their own selves as if they are someone who is different. It is true that there is some kind of uniqueness that each and every individual possesses. However, differentiating yourself from others makes you less sensitive to understanding others. This thought comes from your ego and your reverence for God exterminates all of it.

Put your focus from you to others. In this manner, you will remain a human. Developing interest in others sometimes more than you is necessary. At least it is mentioned in Dale Carnegie’s Book “How to Make Friends and Influence Others”.

Show genuine interest in others.

Emotional intelligence makes you understand that each and every individual deserves respect and your time.

You should not give them respect on the basis of their intellectual capacity, knowledge, educational qualification, caste, creed, complexion, so on and so forth. You give them respect by evaluating what kind of person they are.

Maybe, They have not become rich due to their impediments in education and for some other reasons. So don’t judge them.

Find out the human element in them and then you learn how to love others. I am searching for friendship these days in this way. I am just looking out for people who have the same amount of energy as I do.

So, Try to associate yourself with nature, with the outside world, and with others. Always remember that the wisdom you get from God is a mercy, it is a blessing. If you give him time and your love he will return more to you. It might not always be monetary abundance, it might be the wisdom of wealth management, or it might be the wisdom of life. And Ganesha is the God of intelligence and positivity. In Hindu culture, we call him “Mangalmurti”. The meaning of it is being very auspicious.



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