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Rajib Roy
4 min readSep 7, 2023


You become a high-value man not by your creed or by your cultural identity. You become a man of character and value through your choices and actions. Let me explain!

The kind of work you do has a lot to do with your ultimate identity (Choose them mindfully)

I believe that every work, task, activity, or habit has a certain nature or spirit into it. Certain activities possess the essence of goodness in them, certain attributes in them. Similarly, certain activities have their own vices despite their benefits.

Let me give you one example. Due to my work-from-home job, I became absolutely captivated by the notion called “binge watch”. There is nothing bad with it but…..

People who work in work-from-home offices know that they are not absolutely focused on their work. They also take breaks and pass their time here and there. This online consumption becomes a threat when I do not even feel like I should go outside. I do not even feel like I should play any sport or exercise.

So it means the captivation or unidimentionality of the online world does not let me experience the real world.

This habit of exercise used to be an integral part of me. I am trying to integrate it into my lifestyle again since I have realized its massive importance. Sport is a kind of activity that gives you a lot of rewards. Personally, for me, it has given me the opportunity to know myself better. My mind becomes sharper with sports. So I’m trying to say that the online work I do does not replicate who I am?

I do not mean that because my work involves a lot of writing. I love writing but I do not consider all types of writing as enjoyable. It just means that I relate to the athletic self of me more than the “writer me”. I observe many capabilities in me when I am in the field, playing any sport. I make friends easily on the grounds as compared to my workplace. I read and understand the mindset of other players, their mindset of the game, and ultimately the type of person they are.

Sometimes due to the huge complexity of the work, I feel like I should leave this job. So sometimes, some kind of response is generated out of somewhere.

Remember the term I have associated with activities, habits, or work? The term I used was spirit. There are a lot of reasons behind it. I have used it because the moment you finish or complete a certain task, you get a response, or you get attributes or a certain power. That power is nothing but acquired knowledge you gained while doing a task.

It is like nature gives you a reward for doing either good work or bad work. But it does give you attributes.

For instance, someone can differentiate a person who is a businessman from a person who is an employee. A businessman might receive a lot of calls and seem to be very dominant in his or her demeanor. He or she might give a lot of commands and might walk with decisiveness. There is a communicational difference as well that one can find in a businessman. A businessman thinks differently and you get knowledge about his or her thought process through conversations.

I have felt the feeling of guilt in the middle of my heart when I do something bad. I do not like to term something as bad or good here. But next time you do something, try to feel the response. I can justify this concept with the thing called sixth sense. This is the idea implemented by the phenomenological philosophy of thought.

You say something that you should not have said, you get a response or a feeling. You feel the response or the feeling in the middle of your belly. Some people resonate with this feeling more than other people. Some people try to avoid this type of feeling right?

People who analyze these feelings better than others make good decisions. Their decision-making quality is more advanced than normal people. They also think about doing something bad, immoral, harmful, or bad to someone. But they hold themselves and think Um’’’’’ let me think, I do not think that my response is required here, I do not think I should say this thing to the other person, I think if I say this thing that is running in my head, might end my relationship with the other person. Or I should not do this thing, I might use this energy for other things. This is the kind of thought process change that generally happens when a person resonates with his or her feelings.

The moral of the story_ there is a Voldemort in us and also a Harry. It is our psychological type, choice, or decision that makes us different. Our genes and the nature of our parents determine the good and bad personality traits in us. It is our action that makes us heroes, a high-value person, not our words.

Have you watched the scene from Chamber of Secrets where Albus Dumbledore told Harry about how Voldemort's powers were transferred to Harry?

“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are, it is our choices”

We all have evil traits but the extent to which we exercise them makes us whole.



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