Creating a Resilient mind is a challenge for a lot of us!

Rajib Roy
4 min readSep 6, 2023
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There used to be a time in my life when I was very positive about everything. Yes, I’m talking about my childhood days when I used to be very much innocent. My primary school teacher once called my parents because of my jovial nature. She asked my parents, “What is wrong with this kid ?”

I used to laugh a lot and I was full of life which was the reason for that parent-teacher meeting. Funny right?

There was a senior I had a crush on and I used to romanticize her during my study breaks and before going to bed.

There were a lot of positive illusions in our life which might not seem practical but they were enough for my happiness.

For instance, watching the Harry Potter series might be unreal but during summer vacations, I used to consume it a lot. I got inspired by it so much that made a wand with a stick and a scar on my head with a pen!

Once I made an arrow and an arch, inspired by Ramayana, one of the important epics in Hinduism.

I have made a lot of friends in my school. People recognized me as someone who cracks good jokes and someone who can make others laugh. I used to talk a lot as well.

The most beautiful part of my first school was how my family members got involved in all the school events. My grandfather taught me the quickest way to tie the shoelaces and I never learned it properly. Haha. To be honest, everyone in my family has always been concerned about me.

We have become mature and hardly any textbook has created an impact on our souls!

Honestly speaking, I do not have the time to even go to the memory lane. But deep inside, I want to be a part of that phase of my life again. I wish I could go to the good old days with the help of a time machine. I want to participate in the dance programs that are conducted each year in our school.

But back then, I used to make a lot of mistakes. I do not regard those mistakes as my fault as I was very much naive about everything.

The journey from primary school to high school was very quick. I got involved in the new school activities in such a manner that I had no time to remember my previous school.

Now, I have realized that in every stage of our lives, we will find ourselves running after something or someone. And we will never have time for us and for the people who are close to us. The more days you spend, the more complicated life will become for you. You will become less simple and more complicated.

I have realized that the closer I get to maturity, I have become less talkative. I smile a lot but I laugh less.

Cultural stereotypes

Self-centeredness in our age has become a serious problem but what creates this habit? I will tell you that certainly.

At the same time, the craving for fame and success is so intense nowadays. Thinking about money and executing successfully with it is undeniably necessary. At the same time, having multiple income sources is useful from a practical standpoint. But our culture is so obsessed with the idea of fame, luxury lifestyle, and of course money. The people who are earning insane amounts of money will never tell you about their unhappiness levels. You have to realize by yourself that reaching a state of extremity in terms of money is not relevant. And having a lot of money does not mean a lot of happiness and peace. But peace and happiness in our culture are underrated topics as compared to the topic of quick money, luxury lifestyle, etc. Having a sufficient amount of money and knowledge about how money works is all you need to lead a good life. Reaching to the state of extremity is part of our culture and it is present in every aspect of our lives. You have to understand how to escape the race of extremity. You have to be the author of your own life. I have realized that finding out the real self is not outside. It is reviving the past and understanding the true self through our childhood. The hobbies that used to be an integral part of our life could be integrated into the present. Finding out the true self might also mean discarding social media for some days.

Find your thing man. Find what makes you happy and don’t compare others’ success with yours. Productivity might mean doing nothing at times. Taking a break from literally everything is so much healing. So don’t think like you are running after time. And don’t think that if you are passing your time like a lazy person, you will be a failure. In life, you have to constantly say to yourself it’s okay and then get back to the things again. You will actually win the battle of life. Congratulations on that journey. In the next part, I will articulate the factors that do not let you think this way.



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