Don’t Try…. just relax (Differences between a trying state and a state of being)

Rajib Roy
3 min readJun 30, 2021

I am so busy that I do not have time to look in the Mirror.

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I mean whenever I do a certain thing, especially writing, I have the feeling of finishing it off as soon as possible. This stupid state of mind and burden was given by my previous office where I used to see everyone not as a human but as a race course horse and also a robot, including me. Thank God, I become a human once again. I have resigned from my previous job. I am an academic content writer and the subjects upon which I used to write were confined to marketing and sales. I symbolize myself and others with horses because in that office, everyone used to use one term frequently which is “speed up” “speed up”. That “speed up” voice has given me a kind of irritation that has surpassed all the irritated feelings in the world. Math classes in school were even soothing as compared to “speed up”. So I had to write very quickly with an immense amount of data and there were a lot of rules and restrictions associated with the job. So you can certainly presume the level of pressure.

In the content writing field, becoming relaxed and calm is important. The calm mind is always ready to absorb data. Therefore, one can analyses them in their own words and form a coherent sentence.

I believe that writing restores an extreme amount of value and if that value would have come easily and quickly, every one could write. One statement that I have heard from the HR manager was that “here there is no possibility of developing your creative faculties”. Well, if that was the case, then our writing would have been spurned by plagiarism. We would have just given the data we read from the articles. Right? But instead, we create it with our own formation of sentences and words.

So let us come back to writing. So writing is a valuable treasure because jumbled up thoughts perplex the mind of a writer who harbors this talent. In order to put the ideas and thoughts in a systematic queue, a writer deals with a lot of factors. For example, he or she never undermines the fact that whether this writing would be understandable to the vast majority of readers or not. Most importantly common people. How it reaches out to the readers and how they can garner utmost benefits from it. He or she puts his or her ideas into a sentence where it sounds rich and distilled with uniqueness and relevant factors. So a good writer needs to measure all these factors and keep these factors in mind while writing.

Having a job is a temporary security (work hard towards other areas)

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In the process of writing as fast as I can, I became divorced from my thoughts. My own creativity in the sentences did not flourish because a hypothetical gun was pointed at my head to write fast. After office hours, I used to think about the office. Then brooding over the events that happened in the office caused me to dissociation again. Then, out of irritation and extreme ennui, I slept. You see, I was not at all happy there. So, having a job is a temporary security. Then in the morning, again Race. I forgot to know who I am. I forgot to look at my body, My health. Hence, I forgot to look in the mirror. Try hard in other stuffs other than the job. I am trying to convey one simple thing here is that do your job but manage time to think about your needs, wants and your interpersonal development. Do not be dependent to just one thing.



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