Go to the dark and come out from it with light

Rajib Roy
4 min readApr 9, 2022
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1. Harsh Truths about me

I think that doing nothing looks stupid.

I feel worried when I do not work.

Yes, I am way too conscientious. I have forgotten to enjoy my free time. I have a general assumption that everything needs to be very difficult to achieve.

So I do not like the simple stereotyped methods. I made my life way too difficult. But apart from my master's course, I do everything just to pass my time and I do it in a dilly-dally and wishy-washy manner, unlike my study times. I take the hard paths. I walk in a certain manner to prove my high status sometimes. I want validation from others, it boosts my ego. Personal gains, personal desires, and career-oriented motivations are good as they sustain one person and give them a reason to live. But what about family time? You took your family for granted, aren’t you? Do you shed your worries and your work aside and try to have a good time with your family just for the sake of spending time with them? I give my family time now but in previous years, I was so selfish about my own desires that I missed out on the most beautiful times.

There was a time when I used to remember my memories. Now I do not regard that activity as helpful as I have become so concerned with my career goals. I had a great level of positivity back in my school days although it was naïve in many senses. That positive urge was an uplifting essence that made me alive and energetic. I used to think everything was possible. I still have it in me now but the ratio has dropped down to 12.4 %.

We think that they are the most basic things but our inclination to find what is afar makes us unhappy. We tend to think about what we do not have rather than being grateful for what we have. Human nature is a complicated man. The hustle mindset is a modern toxic element that people are marketing. Yes, it is good, Yes, I have also been captured by it, but you can not be Elon Musk in just one day. Take small steps man and view it as a game and do it sincerely, do not haste for it. Relax. Being hard on yourself and becoming too motivated about something on an artificial level is a question that needs to be answered. If a hero or sportsperson has said something about their goals and the way they live and you start to emulate that lifestyle in your life and you stretch to such a degree that may result in inauthenticity. To what extent that part of the other’s life should be integrated into yours must be answered thoroughly.

2. Keep your brain busy with watching, listening right things, and making use of the internet wisely

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I have tried pretty hard to maintain a balance in me. The balance is about consuming the contents that I want to consume.

I rarely binge-watch. In my personal and private times, I give my brain productive content.

I follow pages that I want and I like. The brain is a very complicated thing and it wants certain things impatiently and sometimes it is hard to control. In an environment where everyone is becoming the slave of their desires and thinks that state and mindset to be true and right, you may feel dissociated. Why do I control my brain?

Since we all know this fact that what we put inside will come outside, we need to measure our thoughts well. If we put junk food in our gut for a prolonged time, then the results will come out. Similarly, if we put contents in our brain that are alluring and toxic, it will affect our subconscious mind to a great extent.

For example, I like old Hindi movie songs and it makes my mood good. Those energetic songs are aligned with my personal temperament as well. I like John Abraham and follow him as much as possible since I like sports a lot. Since my environment right now does not allow activities like sports, I keep my childhood self intact by watching sports, and exercise videos. Thinking right is a trick but it is easy. If your mind is in a bad place, you get bad feelings.

You may say that you just want to watch it and it has less impact on me. See, whatever you watch and listen to, will have a great impact on your overall character and personal development. It triggers the subconscious part of the brain. To fill dopamine or to make yourself happy, you tend to do that. I do that too, that’s why I am writing about it. Forget the happiness-chasing mindset. Take the basic paths that you know are right for you. Not a wishy-washy path, but a path that is tough and has a meaning. One path has a specific goal in it and that goal is aligned with your future self. You get a sense of pressure and fear when you take that path but that is the sign of growth.



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