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You might be thinking who am I to give advice? So, I have been in this content writing field for around 3 years. So, I am giving it from experience. So friends, I assure you that your worthy time will be utilized. The first advice is primarily for the newbies who are in the content writing field. So the advice is to take advantage of your job. What I mean is to maximize your English-speaking capabilities through your job. While you are gaining experience, you also need to expand your domain of competence towards other skills. You gain your writing skills and typing skills through this type of job but your speaking capabilities? What about them?

Honestly speaking I have gained a fair amount of typing speed and also good writing skills myself. I would not say I got bored but I would say there is a limit to the development and possibilities every skill has. So, I have surpassed the level of that and I no longer think the two areas are helpful enough till this point. So, I thought, why not kick my fear of speaking out of the window?

Okay so put your speaker on active mode from your Smartphone and speak on the Doc file where you generally work.

Use an active voice, not passive.

This advice is more correlated to “Don’t just become reliant on content writing jobs”. Through this speaking skill, you will get opportunities for other fields of work as well.

The habit of reading and understanding fast is also required. So, when you develop these reading and understanding aspects, you automatically develop your time management and problem solving skills as well.

Another advice is to “Read aloud”!

This process will lead you to move structurally, not aimlessly. Without any clear direction, you just end up finishing your task with a careless approach. You just did not learn anything but you also failed to use your time properly. Most of the time, I see people just wanting to finish their tasks as soon as possible. I get it, there are reasons. But I doubt how accurately they are putting the information. Most of the time, writers just put information just by reading the overview of the article. You can guess the quality of that write-up, right?

This state of haste is pointless because most of the time people do not know where they are running. After finishing your job, what do you do? You may become unconscious, I get it. But in the first 2 to 3 hours, try to stick to this goal. Goal gives you a perfect mindset. Without a goal you can not move swiftly like water.

Challenge yourself !

Do not make yourself confused with a lot of articles at first. Pick one article at a time, read quickly and understand it. Do not open 10 tabs at a time. It will clamor your mind and you will think about when I will shift to the next article. Then think of a sentence in your mind and speak. Give yourself the challenge to speak for 3 to 4 hours. If you hit the timelines, set a bigger challenge. But do not set too ambitious timelines at the very beginning. Start slow but be consistent. Do not pressurize too much. Your mind will take time to adapt to the change.

How you deal with every task or assignment makes a lot of difference

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View it with a simple mindset and not with a critical mindset.

The mindset of a person before starting a job is crucial. It is crucial because it sets either positive or negative impacts on the task. BELIEVE that you will complete the task whatever it is. This Believe will lead you to excellent results.

Use simple languages. Have fun with it, and make it your job. See, when you see your benefits, then you regard that job as your own job. Then only it becomes fun. You start to enjoy it.

Do not ever view your boss as someone to feel threatened by. Set your ego aside and focus on your task and not on him. This is a learning process. You learn from everywhere. When you focus on the job or task, you become knowledgeable. After bad experience with a company, do not just show your anger on the Glassdoor review. You have learnt from the place and you should respect that.

My last advice is to Do mistakes, never think that you will always do things perfectly. Do mistakes and be responsible for correcting them when required.

Hope You enjoy it !

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