How to be rationally irrational?

Rajib Roy
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I would like to draw two common situations, on the basis of which we make decisions. One situation is decisions that are taken in a whimsical manner, wishy-washy, and dilly-dally manner.

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Oh everyone is trying to understand blockchain, drop shipping, and online teaching. Everyone is making huge money from these things. I should also do it and give it a try. Yes, I am like this at times. I do not like being committed to one goal when I see no results. Yes, this is my problem. Although, I have learned some basics of new skills from this type of thinking.

I have done 4 online courses from reputed organizations. I have learned the basics of digital marketing from Google and user experience design from Coursera. The other two were virtual internship programes that I have completed from Forage. One was related to cybersecurity and the other was mental models.

This fickle-mindedness led me to complete all these courses. I have gained knowledge from them. Above all, I have experimented with a lot of things. I noticed whether I like the subjects, and view them as a career prospect or not.

Decisions we make based on emotion

Yes, this is my artwork.

Drawing has been something very close to my heart. It is something that connects me with my family, especially with my father. I have been doing it since my childhood. In my mind, I consider doing art as something irrational and less practical. I have to do a day job to run my family, which is why I have to let go of art.

This is the kind of statement I have made in my mind rationally, which is reasonable.

However, it is also true that I have attached the result-oriented thought and rationality in art or in doing art. This rationality is not letting me do the magic that I have inside me. The raw magic!

I think human beings have evolved a lot. But alas! In the journey, they have used their brains way too much.

Nothing wrong with using brains but I am talking about to which extent we should use them. We use them a lot these days.

I will not use the word consciousness since it is a very complicated subject. I would rather say that we have become so much in control of ourselves. We try to control everything with our brains and have forgotten to use our hearts.

We have control over some aspects of our lives, but not everything.

So stop using your brain too much.

You do not have to have deep talks or you should not even seek for such conversations all the time. You will experience that irrational topics, funny stories about childhood, and memories with your mother and father create talks that are more meaningful. Then what stops us from talking about them?

Our rationality. Yes, you have heard it right. We think us like we are this and that. However, our own perception about who we are is a myth. I would encourage my readers to look back in the memory lane and see how your own perceptions about you as a person changed and evolved, Right?

Nothing is static

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We might consider ourselves as intellectuals and this leads to conversations that are dry. I am not saying that it is bad. But allowing everything in your life as an essential part is necessary.

It happens because of the self-perceptions we have built rigidly about ourselves.

Please consider viewing the write-ups I have written regarding self-perceptions in my previous works.

Thinking out of the box is something that is taught in the mental model internship that I took from Forage.

Stick to a plan, be dedicated around it but have a plan B. You have to know what you like, what your heart wants first.

To build plan B, you allow everything around you. You learn from everywhere. You should not block things on the basis of rationality only.

See what happens to me? I have stopped drawing. Don’t be like me.

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