Sex is beautiful just like nature but it is a mental phenomenon !

Rajib Roy
2 min readAug 20, 2022


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I mean mental because it can drive you crazy when you can not handle it. I mean mental because the force gets stimulated by the brain. If you consciously seek extreme pleasure, you may not get it. If you watch something to jerk off, then you will impatiently watch it and throw your internal essence away from your body. It is about intention. Right intentions.

If you watch something with the intention of enjoying it, then it’s good. Then you actually get aroused. But still, I regard the process as unconscious and not conscious.

You must forget it. Then you will enjoy it.

Love your penis the way it is. Take care of it daily like you take care of your skin and other body parts. Do not view your penis as a part from which you only release your urine and your vital force. Love it as an important body part, but do not focus on it too much.

Your penis health will give you confidence trust me on that. Exercise more.

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Sex Drive

Sex drive is an automatic system our bodies have. Keep track of what actually ruins it. Obsessiveness towards sexual feelings can turn into an abnormality. You can lose your mind in the pursuit of it as well. It is the idea of pleasure and there is a thin line in it. We generally cross it and seek extremity.

We are hard-wired to go to extremes in every domain of life.

The challenge of modern society is not to do anything extreme, the peace is in the middle path. So, use your brain.

Porn can ruin your brain, it gives you unnatural expectations. The intention of jerking off may come from mood swings. I am not saying it is bad, I am just saying it. But think of the states of extreme excitement versus the state where you are relaxed. I mean in a relaxed state, you get aroused more and you get good pleasure. Impatient forces are not something I regard as sexy but it is hot at times. We think we need sex all the time. But most of the time we need intimacy, fulfillment, or wholeness within ourselves. We want spiritual peace, Right?

When we do not get fulfillment from work or any other stuff, we search it in sex or even in drugs and alcohol. These types of indulgences are easy forms of indulgence. I am not saying it is bad, I am just saying it.



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