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Rajib Roy
6 min readAug 24, 2021
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My Intentions:

I do not care if you guys would not read it. The developmental psychologist Jean Piaget was more concerned with how human beings acquired knowledge and generated it in the world. It is not the idea of knowledge itself that is important as per his theory, it is the process in which knowledge is amassed. Hence, the primary intent of my writing is a personal journey on how I communicate my words and sentences. Therefore, attentiveness is one of the key processes which I will eventually incorporate through the knowledge distribution process. So it is not just a journey to educate people about what I know to be true for sure but something more.

That is why I have stated the first line of the writing in an uncouth manner. Please consider the line as paradoxical in its intent. The quality of meaning that I will pour in my life remains to me and illuminates those who will come in contact with it. So it is also not a personal journey but a responsible one that has to do with people I love. At the same time, writing something useful that has an academic reference and has proven viable to my domain of reality is also something I regard as important. So basically I have assessed all the aspects of it (academic knowledge) in the whole lock down period. Practically I have assessed whether it (knowledge) will be a poison or a medicine for 3 years.

My secondary intention is also to become a content creator not a content consumer. Although, I have left the imposed identity of this culture to binge watch unconsciously, I was also a victim of it. Scrolling down to social media and pouring contents that are irrelevant for the development of my psyche is never a priority for me but the culture insisted me to do so. That is why, I consciously pick up things that I regard as really entertaining and refreshing for my mind after work.

Lock down Learning:

Do not listen to people who advise you on “how you can improve your life” when they themselves give you lectures while sitting in his or her messy house. They have not yet figured their life out and they want to give suggestions. Huh? If they really want to help you, their actions will justify it more than their words. The memory system that you use to represent what you say that you believe is not the same memory system that you use to embody your knowledge of action. So do not listen to everyone. Weigh them properly and then if you consider them as transparent then give them time. After all, when you crave for spicy food, Pasta and Burger, no one tells you the choices. You feel it and then you make a choice. Similarly, what is going to be good for you, are certainly never measured my other people. Seek for help and direction but ask your inner self what he or she actually want. You will get the answer. You are your own answer.

Perception of happiness:

The naive attitude that I had related to the duty of my active presence on social media validated my ego and false self. Scrolling through posts, trying to cope with the present world, made me forget who I am. It connected me to the practical reality of the world but somehow disconnected me from my inner world. It seemed to me that the things that I thought would be best conductive to happiness actually gave me enough disgust and transitory feelings. I also felt that retreating from my past, relinquishing my values and tradition has given me enough sadness and disintegrity. The way I see myself, nobody will see. The ways in which my perceptions about reality have evolved to this date are very different to others. So, why do I think that others will see me the way I see myself? The stories that I have lived are my own truth and I am indebted to perform according to my truth. Truth is the manner in which I met my father, grandfather and mother and the manner in which they met me. They are the low resolution forms of God and I am the same to them. Hence, the short yet specific role that God have told me to perform by such disguises, will be performed. It will be a testimony to my family alone and not everyone for sure.

Perceptions are made by proper knowledge:

The falsehood that I was subject to was just the consequences of my unconsciousness, lack of knowledge about reality and many more. Yet, I believe that mistakes are just the precursor of a triumphant story. For example, having plenty of girl’s numbers on my phone was one of my falsehoods. I used to keep the numbers so that I can act cool in front of my friends. So silly, right? Since, my perceptions were stupid, my friends got jealous of me and I never made a good relation with the girls as well. So that self was not me technically. I get an uncomfortable feelings when I boast in front of them about the thing. If a person wants something, there are certain perceptions behind that requirement. If the perceptions are not aligned with your true self, then you will get punished. So make sure you get proper knowledge through your value system.

The arrogant intellect, pornography and pathological authoritarianism are not an absurd phenomenon. These traits are not identified and treated well and still we are intercepted by advertisements “smoking is injurious to health” ? I have used the word treated because these are sickness of the mind. Serious sickness. Why are people being condemned so much about the idea of lighting up a cigarette alone? Why are the dragons that are lying silently in the darkness of the mind not yet made conscious?

If your intellect has surpassed all the levels of analysis and yet you feel incomplete then it is worth considering to assume that you are becoming divorced from the understanding of your soul. The consequences of extreme intellectual properties are extreme thoughts and totalitarian mindsets. For example, “I think that this is the ultimate truth and no one can question the veracity of it”, is a totalitarian says and thinks. The extreme questioning mind poses a tremendous threat to the integrity of being itself. Perceptions are the main reason in the development of reality and experience. If your perceptions about reality are wrong, the experiences will be something you must take note of. The experiences will not be worthwhile to remember in such cases. The wrong perceptions will make you aim at wrong things and the identity and demeanor that you will be given from it will be tragic. The perceptions will transform into action. If you feel bad, if you feel sad day after day carrying such a perception, then the feelings tell you that you need to change. In my case, I did not feel as confident as I used to be. The job profile of writing made me too critical I guess. I became prone to look at whether I made a minor mistake or not. My spontaneity evaporated, my laughter went away and I became so damn serious. Then, I thought, I am not feeling right. I am not feeling the reserved power within me, the confidence within me.

The wretched situations that you inhabit are sometimes curses of fate but most often an accumulation of your own deeds. Instead of pointing fingers on God and on others and coming up with an ideological explanation of your situation is self deception. An organisation is just a label or might be privileged by their long preserved heritage. Hence, it is absolutely not reasonable to presume that just because the organisation has achieved excellence in the past is still holding that same position. The immense degree in which quality people are enrolled in an organisation predicts its useful future. An organisation is just made from bricks or maybe good quality ambuja cements but the the actual material are people. People who inhabit the space of such an organisation justify the utility of it. Homes are not homes until the people who reside in a home make it a home. People with high ethical standards and character are not the consequences of the influences of their age. There is a certain utility that resides in living at an age of brilliance and prosperity. But standing against a culture that does everything in an extreme manner, and keeping up with the real and basic values is a challenge. A great challenge but worthwhile to a considerable degree.



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