The 3 Most Practical Ways to Tackle Rejection

Rajib Roy
3 min readOct 7, 2023
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I got an internship offer recently, but sadly I got rejected. Personally, that internship was extremely useful for my career and I missed it. This is a type of internship where the requirements are different from what I do professionally. This might be the reason for my rejection I suppose. However, I have learned something extremely insightful from the book called The Psychology of Money. You might be thinking what is the connection between my rejection and this book? Hold on for a second. Let me explain!

1. Keep on trying because your efforts are just compounding

I have conceptualized the term compounding from the book in a different manner. As per my observation, putting effort into something will never be wasted. It will be compounded and you have to wait for your chance. Put bricks after bricks and then you create an empire. That’s right. The trick that nature played out to you is checking your commitment levels.

You might think that your effort towards upskilling is not giving you the result you wanted. However, I have realized that there are many factors that are associated with the experience of tasting real success.

There is a luck factor involved in it.

How much effort is put into your overall development matters here as well. Your patience matters a lot and of course your personality. I mean your non-verbal skills matter a lot when you are applying for a job interview.

Your mood, your mental state, and your attitude.

These are the things that are completely devoid of hard skills. After all, the recruiters are not robots, they are humans. If they don’t like the way you talk, they will tell you 100 reasons behind not choosing you for the position.

2. Then what is the solution to stay motivated even if rejections?

See trying over and over again won’t work because there must be a right thing on which you should work.

When you try a lot, you are very likely to feel disappointed when things are not turning in your favor.

But you are thinking about a lot of things and you are applying for jobs here and there. You are getting information like you have to learn this and that before applying to this job. You must have this and skills to become eligible for a job.

During this type of situation, cognitive overload happens and this is not at all healthy for your brain. A lot of information in your head makes you quiet, unhappy, diffident, and uncertain. We all have insufficient cognitive resources and overloading it beyond its capacity is not okay. Extraversion personality traits are proven to be conducive to good health. So do something about that. Go out, take a break, and chill bro. You have to know that you are on it and you will not leave it. Self-affirm on that. Trust yourself on that.

3. Self Affirmation

Assume as if you have become the person you want to be. Self-affirmations are way too powerful compared to a struggle, and hustling mindset. Picture yourself as handsome, as intelligent as smart. But if you give time and effort to making yourself handsome too much, other things will get compromised. So you have to do everything to maintain balance and that’s so damn hard. Don’t worry because you are stronger than you think. You will get used to this existential crisis sooner or later.

Good Luck!



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