Types of women you should not date! (Part 1)

Rajib Roy
5 min readAug 4, 2022
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There are some common types of women that I have had experience with. I have learned many things as well. So, would you mind taking a look at them? Because maybe you can relate with me.

The common types include the princess type and the dumb type. However, these two types will be compartmentalized into categories and subcategories.

The princess Type

In the princess-type category, you see, you will find that most of them are beautiful. Of Course, that’s the reason why they call themselves princesses. But the money elements are also quite reasonable for that entitlement. Since these types tend to have well-symmetrical faces, good skin, and hot curves, they give a lot of their focus on their external look.

I mean to say that they take care of their skin, grooming, and hair care way too much. On the flip side, after spending some weeks and months with this type of person, you will eventually see the vacuum in their heart.

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Well, I do not think that there is anything wrong with the idea of taking care of yourself. Making a good skincare routine, and following a balanced diet, even exercising is one of the key parts of self-care, self-love, and self-healing. The problem which I have found is something related to the insistence that these people put on looking good every damn time. In this type of category, dumbness can be found. But, You will see these types are extremely street-smart. At the same time, because of their privileged good looks, they are hard-wired to become narcissistic. You often see these people post a lot of pictures on their social media accounts and seek constant attention and validation from strangers. So making her a girlfriend is like inviting insecurities.

So even if you give likes and comment on her photos by thinking that she will like you for that, then you are disillusioned. The likes and comments just boost her ego, that's it. She wants more, she craves more. She is never satisfied.

They may chat with you but you should not be thinking that you are the only one on the list with whom she talks. The downside of dating this type of girl is that you as a boyfriend will always try very hard to make them feel important. It is extremely difficult to tell whether she has a boyfriend or not. See, this subject of “women” is more complicated than psychology. You can never guess things rationally.

She is not your Girlfriend, she is your low-resolution Cleopatra

Yes, Cleopatra. It is because their self-importance is way too high. In this same beauty type category, you will also find one characteristic known as materialism. Due to their beauty, they tend to have great admiration and particularly an obsession with shopping. To look good they will try every accessory and more importantly “expensive accessories”. So it is important to know that their primary focus is on external stuff a lot.

It is also important to note that they seek expensive brands to fill their worth or their empty heart. It is as if the brand value adds value to their life. They somehow feel that wearing a Louis Vuitton item or posting photos with the Starbucks coffee mug will make them valuable.

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This type of girl focuses way too much on the concept of ‘’I’’ and eventually you start to see that you will be the one to compromise and make so much effort into the relationship.

These types also can be considered into the category of extreme selfishness. I am not saying that this is common in women, men also are selfish too. They also think a lot about themselves.

On the other hand, the girl will be less likely to compromise when it comes to her needs and her wants. But in relationships, both parties are supposed to comprise and sacrifice little things for each other right?

Furthermore, by using their charm, their eye contact, and their gestures, they can potentially force you to do things. Moreover, they can make you feel guilty about not doing anything special for them. Hence it can be presumed that there is a great manipulative element associated with them. Another characteristic that is pretty much interconnected with the previous aspects is the “Spender”. In modern terms, you can call this category “Gold digger’’. This type of woman does not care about what type of person you are, or what values you have.

They just care about what type of job you do, the type of car to drive, and the amount of money you harbor. They just want money, money, and money. But you can see that these types of girls are mostly very hot. Most of the time they bait you to buy expensive gifts. But through the process, you will feel like you are being a personal assistant and eventually become used. You have to understand that this type of girl takes advantage of you in every possible manner. So don’t be stupid. There is a tendency of this type of woman to never appreciate you for anything.

Start asking questions to yourself

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You keep on thinking about your self-worth and you start to question whether are you good enough.

So in the process of dating this type of woman, your self-esteem will be ruined. She doesn’t even give a damn about you. You are an assistant in her movie but you as a man have to be the hero of your movie right?

In this same category, you can find another part which is pessimism. The one who always talks foul things about her friends and judges them for their clothes, family, and so on.

I can assure you that this type of girl will never bring value to your life and will create a lot of distress in return. It can be stated that gossip is one of the main elements in their talks. But gossiping is a common trait of women, they do it so it can be tolerable to a certain extent.

In those conversations, you will find that there is no one thing that they are not bothered about. The 90% of things that she talks about, bother her.

Friends, you should understand that your self-worth is necessary and you deserve nothing but the best. Be your best version and keep working on yourself.




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