Types of Women You Should Not Date (Part 2)

Rajib Roy
4 min readAug 8, 2022
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The Mismatch

I have experienced a bitter truth about my life. I came across a beautiful girl in my college. She followed me subtly because I had a girlfriend at that time. We both used to watch each other. Yes, Nonverbal communication, talking with eyes, smile.

She used to talk and reply to my messages. However, it did not go appropriately as I was lazy enough to learn dating games. I was interested in her but did not know how to convey that. It was the time after my break up though.

So, I texted the wrong things and she stopped talking.

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In another instance, through some friends, I came across another girl. She was also damn cool but was a chain smoker and an alcoholic. Moreover, She talks about foul things a lot, especially vulgar jokes. Undoubtedly she was hot and her rubbish statements seemed okay to everyone, including me.

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The category which I have put out is called the mismatch. In this category, you will always be mesmerized by her physical beauty. Her moves will certainly create a tornado in your whole body. In winter, you would not need to wear sweaters. Haha!

But when you talk with them, their views, hobbies, and values do not match with yours most of the time.

Most hot girls tend to be average-looking and slightly dumb, not everyone. So, mentally there is a huge gap. The vibe between you and her is very different. But I still think that certain things vary from person to person. I met a great friend in my office and she came out like my best friend. She can be put into this category, but she was a good person from the heart. Her values did not match with mine but the vibe matched a lot.

The more types that exist on this Earth include the

● Angry type

● Cheater or liar type

● The inconsistent type

● Insecure type

● Too touchy type

● Party girl

● A big flirt

● Drama queen

The cheater, liar, and inconsistent type have been experienced by me. A big flirt type and touchy were included in the category of the cheater and the inconsistent. In some cases, you can see that one trait is interconnected with the other. You will see many half-truths in their talk.

They will play with You

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The most dangerous type among them is the next one I am about to talk about. She is the type You may misinterpret as serious. She can be serious about relationships and stuff. Through her conversations, You can see that seriousness. This type has a bad breakup. But you will not know until she tells you. She is lonely and desperate for love and connections. She just wants a guy to feel good. She mainly wants to fill the gap. She may go out with you and take a picture with you to show off to her ex-boyfriend. To make her ex jealous she could do. On the contrary, you may feel you have become her Shah Rukh Khan but In her mind, the things that are going on are impenetrable. So, you can not guess anything. I had this experience where she used to make plans with me but talked about a person she wanted to date. I was quiet because the guy was a Doctor. In her texts, I was even unable to tell whether I had become friend-zoned or not. One day, after seeing her level of interest, I proposed to her and she stopped talking with me. So, in life, you can not just sip a mounted Dew and say “Darr ke age jeet hai”. You can take risks in business instead and if you get lucky, you get a return.

The thrill of chasing her, waiting for her like a lover, and driving her crazy in love, all make sense to a certain extent. But there will be situations where you compromise on your truth and peace. If I get a DM from an attractive girl, it elevates your ego. Thats it. Right?



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