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In the below-mentioned points, the aspects that will be mentioned are areas related to an analysis of a salon. Larry King, the UK based salon has been taken for the analysis. In the beginning part of the analysis, a brief introduction of the brand is made where the market is described. After this phase, the brand portfolio, as well as the kind of availability related to products that are there in the market will be mentioned. Furthermore, brand elements and brand mantra will also be analyzed.

What is their Brand like

Larry King is a haircare company situated in the UK that made a commendable impact in delivering great service all across the globe. More particularly, they have made recognition among the board of fashion and also among celebrities. In January 2017, Larry King inaugurated its flagship salon in South Kensington. Telegraph has claimed the salon as the best salon for a blow-dry and in the year 2018, they have been acclaimed as the number one salon by Harper’s Bazaar. The bookings of shorter haircuts have increased to a great quantity in the year 2019 during the times of Brexit. However, after the pandemic situation was over, the salon in the South Kensington area was renewed in a new manner. In the below figure, it is clearly visible that the company have integrated COVID norms.

The salon workers have covered themselves with gloves and face visors and in the campground, upbeat music is played as well. Altogether the atmosphere might turn into very pleasant for the customers. The gowns after each use are thrown away and the brushes are disinfected as well in the salon of Larry King. At the same time, in this company, within 24 hours, 750 appointments are registered. This self-entitled company has numerous loyal as well as celebrity customers from all over the world. The customers that come into the salon continually are Jamie Dornan, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. On the other hand, young British people also visit the saloon. In this list, Poppy Delevingne, Imogen Waterhouse, and Lottie Moss are included. Apart from these little info, COVID has also compelled the company to create new features as well. For instance, newly designed sink for hair massage and hair wash are included in Larry King.

On their Instagram page Larry, high engagement is there and this is due to advice-related posts on hairstyles. Therefore, the blow-dry and styling facilities are also present along with new features such as a row of sinks for hair wash, head massage and so on.

Brand Portfolio / Availability

The delivery-related information is available on the official website of Larry King. On their websites, it is mentioned that they have product-related offerings available only in the UK for £4. The availabilities of products are on all working days except bank holidays, Sundays, and Saturdays. Delays can be made under situations out of their control and on such occasions, they show readiness to meet the delay. On the other hand, the refunding options are there as well which the customer can certainly opt for. In the salon of South Kensington, King has mentioned the hair care solutions for thick locks, thin hair, and curly hair issues. Therefore, the service of Larry King ensures that there is always a specific cut for every type of tress. The A-list hairdresser believes that there is always a solution for unmanageable curls that women feel most entangled and worried for. In the below mentioned figure, it is seen how Larry King have perfectly dealt with unmanageable curls. The before and after remedy is a clear justification of that.

They believe that curly hair is an asset and a great and unique part of the body but in order to cut them properly requires expertise which Larry King certainly has. For instance, face-framing items are applied to the hair to remove the excess curls from the hair. Furthermore, in their service related to hair care remedies, they decrease excess frizz from the hair by a concept called Pureology Style. On the other hand, depending on the roots of the hair, they apply the Dyson hairdryer at a low speed and on a low heat level to create an attractive look.

Brand Elements

To restore the hair fiber, there is a remedy that Larry King gives related to Redken’s pH Bonder treatment. On the other hand, bold, block blonde elements are there as well which is included under the segment of Rogue Blonde. Apart from these segments, bleach, the smudge, full head tint, Root tint, and face-framing facilities are there as well.

Brand Mantra

The products and service offerings are created based on meeting both male demands and female demands to a great extent. Their brand mantra is to make partnerships with other luxury brands from all over the world. In such cases, they have made ambassadorships with Dyson, Jaguar Land Rover, and Redken. Giving a luxurious finish also comes under their brand mantra and they also understand the natural texture of hair. Influencers have collaborated as well in the company as a way of increasing the market identity and brand reach. Most importantly magazine contributions are regarded as one of the important brand mantras of the company. For example, Larry King offers to magazines such as GQ, Vogue, Another Man, Vanity Fair, Tatler, and Arena Homme to a considerable extent.

Firm Strategy, structure, and Rivalry

There are brands related to the beauty industry that is present in the UK which make natural skin care products. Certainly, these companies render the best solutions related to skin care and thus confront companies like Larry King to a great extent. Live Weel Natural care, London Organic, and Little Beau Shop are companies that come under the beauty care industries. Hence, it can easily be stated that these companies to a great extent gives a competitive edge to Larry King. There are hair care products and beauty brands that come in close contact with Larry King in the UK market. For example, the shampoo, and conditioner brands are in head-to-head competition with other beauty industries. The kind of cleansing facilities that Larry King gives is also present in the UK market and other companies. Cleansing, moisturizers, and smoothening elements are present as well giving them a great amount of threat.



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